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Hello, I believe in making music that means something and in carefully crafting sounds and ideas with good people.

The VIP subscription is an opportunity to support music made by me and my brilliant team of collaborators - to help with the costs of guest musicians, recording, mixing and mastering the audio, and getting the music out into the world via digital distribution and physical manufacture.

Right now, I'm putting my energy into a project called Yarrow. Yarrow involves research, writing and music creation that explores nature and human connections through time, inspired by the Yarrow valley in the Scottish Borders.

With a Tier 1 subscription you can support this work and receive:
A monthly digital single (currently from the Yarrow Acoustic Sessions)
Lyric sheets and chord charts (currently for Yarrow Acoustic Sessions singles)
A full album every two years (next up: Yarrow)
VIP-only images, notation, research and writing from behind-the-scenes

(This work is open-ended but if there's going to be any changes to what we're making you'll get a message straight away and you can exit stage right at any time if you need to opt out.)

Here’s what you get:


  • For £23/year, you get everything above.
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  • For £30/year, you get everything above, plus:
    With a Tier 2 subscription you can support my music and additionally receive:
    A signed copy of the next album CD on completion/release
    Your name in the next album sleeve notes under Special Thanks
    PDF book of lyric sheets and chord charts for the Yarrow album
    Rare 'secret' tracks
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Welcome to our small and perfectly formed community, it is wonderful to have you here and supporting us. Thank you very much x

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