Johnnie Armstrang

by Lori Watson



Johnnie Armstrang is the first monthly single release of the Yarrow Acoustic Sessions, part of Lori Watson's latest project Yarrow.

Yarrow explores connections between human and nature, a sense of place through traditional and original songs in a contemporary folk album and a series of acoustic singles.

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Johnny Armstrang was hanged in 1530 for theft, with no trial. The 17 year old King James V (Mary Queen of Scots' father)


Johnnie Armstrang

Some spik o Lords an some spik o Lairds
An sic like men o high degree
O a gentleman I sing this sang
Some time caa’d Laird o Gilnockie

The King he writes a lovin letter
In his ain haun sae tenderlie
An he has sent it tae Johnnie Armstrang
Tae come an spik wi him speedilie

Elliots an Armstrangs did convene
They were a gallant company
We'll ride and meet oor lawfu King
And bring him safe tae Gilnockie

When John he cam before the king
Wi aa his men sae brave tae see
Weel the King he moved his bunnet tae him
He ween'd he wis a King as weel as he

May I ask grace ma sovereign liege
Grace fir ma loyal men an me
Fir ma name it is but Johnnie Armstrang
An a subject of yours ma liege, said he

Away away thou traitor strang
Oot o ma sight soon mayst thou be
I've never granted a traitor's life
An noo I'll no begin wi ye

Tae seek het watter aneath cauld ice
Shuirly is a great follie
I have asked grace at a graceless face
But there is nane for ma men an me

Had A kent ere I cam fae hame
Jist how unkind ye'd be tae me
I wuid ha keepit the border side
In spite of aa thy men an thee

John wis hung* at Carlenrig
An aa his men sae brave tae see
Scotland's hert wis ne’er sae wae
Tae see sae mony brave men die

* or hanged if you want to be precise..


released February 10, 2017
Traditional song arranged by Lori Watson and Innes Watson

vocal by Lori Watson
guitar by Innes Watson
recorded and mixed by Duncan Lyall
mastered by Nick Cooke at Nim Mastering
illustration by Jennifer Austin


all rights reserved



Lori Watson Glasgow, UK

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